Friday, March 03, 2006

We're in

C-Dub and I have registered for the Paris Ancaster race in Ontario next month. It turns out I was wrong yesterday about the mtb vs. 'cross bike thing. Most of the fast guys are on 'crossers since the course is pretty tame. Only a few hills but some mud in spots. Of course April in Canada could mean snow too. I'm trying to decide what bike to use, I've got a cross bike but don't know if I want to spend 2.5 hours racing it or use the hard tail with some skinny tires and road gearing. I'll probably end up with the mtb since that's what I'm used to riding. I'm going to take the 'cross bike out for a few longer spins though to see how it feels.

The "warm" picture for the day, C-dub racing on a much warmer day at Addison Oaks.

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