Thursday, March 23, 2006

Finally riding some trails

One of the local parks by me has finally dried to the point that I could get off the road and onto the trails. Even though the trails aren't much from a technical point it was still nice to be riding on something other than roads or the trainer. I had done a fairly intense workout yesterday so my legs didn't have a lot of zip in them. Maybe I should blame it on the softer ground and sand I was riding in. Yeah, that's it.

Yesterday I mentioned the new endurance series that incorporated six races around the country. I had considered doing the four in the eastern part of the country since you only had to do four. I read yesterday afternoon on the series web site that one of your four has to be a western race, meaning Colorado or Utah. As the Honda mower commercial says, this changes everything. I don't know about doing the series now.

I understand they want to make it a national series but how many people will really be able to afford the time and money to race all over the country? It will be interesting to see how many people actually qualify for this series. I may do the first two since they are the closest and see how it goes before deciding to do any others. The problem though is that some of the races have a registration limit so it is a gamble if there will be any openings by the time I make a decision.


inasnit said...

Which trail was dry enough to ride?????????

Steve Kinley said...

All of Orion Oaks and a trail off Scripps/Polly Ann intersection.

Steve Kinley said...

Of course that was before the snow that is coming down :-(

MTB mini said...

I was hoping the Island Lake might be ridable for Saturday morning I would love to get in miles on the trail..... Next year Steve we will head out West for racing :)