Saturday, March 18, 2006

Good ride today

This morning's workout called for two 40 minute intervals at just below race pace. I met Chris and Jay at 7:30 with the temperature at 20 degrees and the wind starting to pick up. I planned to be mainly on the pavement and rail trail for the intervals since you have to work harder to keep the HR up on the smooth stuff than on the mtb trails. Most of the trails around here aren't ready to ride anyway.

I was able to keep both intervals at just below or slightly above my upper HR target and felt really good while doing them. Chris and Jay were on their SS's so they were spinning away like mad. Especially Jay since Chris had switched his to a bigger gear he was trying out for the Paris Ancaster race. We got in about 3.5 hours. Tomorrow I'll see how I feel since it's some big gear intervals and a 4 hour scheduled ride. Robin and Shari Scurr are supposed to join me along with a few others.

Thursday I wrote about Kent State playing in the NCAA championships, well they played last night and got smoked. Oh well, at least as a consolation the Girl Scouts showed up at my door today to deliver the cookies we ordered a month ago.


Danielle said...

I've been eating boxes of those lately. I think that's what saved me from getting blown over the other day. Thin mints and the chocolate covered peanut butter cookies are the bomb!

Steve Kinley said...

That is exactly the same two boxes I have!